INQUIETUDO is the film festival that brings contemporary cinema produced in the Portuguese-speaking countries and communities to the city of Vienna.

Our six day program in May 2015 brought together the audience and the invited filmmakers for the screening of ten feature-length films followed by talks, debates and workshops. Together we seek to answer the question: how does this expanding universe of Portuguese-speaking cinema create and re-create itself?

INQUIETUDO is a wordplay in Portuguese where “inquieta/o” (English: restless, German: lebhaft, unruhig) is matched with “tudo” (everything, alles). Restless eyes, ears and minds define the state  where films are conceived, created, produced, perceived, enjoyed and understood.

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Festival News

The Film Festival in Numbers

A few weeks have passed since our Inquietudo team proudly inaugurated the festival at Top Kino. We wanted to take a numerical look at the first edition of Inquietudo and share with you some of the statistics:


A big Thank You to our audience!

The Inquietudo team would like to thank everyone for their continuous support and encouraging words throughout the process of setting up this festival, which began as a dream and ended up becoming a great endeavor. We also would like to thank for all the smiling faces we saw at Top Kino and hope to see…


INquieTUdo Audience Award Winners

The 2015 INquieTUdo Film Festival announced the winners of its two audience awards last Sunday morning.   Two awards were given to the audience choices for best films: one fiction award and one documentary award.   The fiction award was given to A História da Eternidade // The History of Eternity, a film by Camilo…


Audience Prize Fiction Film: The History Of Eternity

We are happy to announce that Camilo Cavalcante’s feature film A História da Eternidade / The History of Eternity was voted the best fiction film of Inquietudo Film Festival by our audience and will be screened once again today at 9PM at the closing of INquieTUdo!