INQUIETUDO is a wordplay in Portuguese where “inquieta/o” (English: restless, German: lebhaft, unruhig) is combined with “tudo” (everything, alles). Restless eyes, ears and minds define the state in which films are conceived, created, produced, perceived, enjoyed and understood.

As initiators of this project we are guided by questions raised out of curiosity: ‘What is the expanding universe of Portuguese-speaking cinema?’

INquieTUdo Portuguese-speaking film festival is the first film festival in Vienna to showcase contemporary cinema produced in Portuguese-speaking countries and communities, and the first such event to activate a transnational encounter between the Viennese audiences and the invited filmmakers from the so-called lusophone space.

We focus on the triadic composition of the event “film”: its creation, its screening and its reception. Thus, an integral part of the event comprehends activities taking place along with the film screenings, such as lectures and post-screening talks between directors and the general audience, as well as workshops focusing on specific areas of film creation and production for more specialized audiences.

Inviting local theoreticians and artists as moderators in order to engage in the dialogue anchors INquieTUdo as an event that thinks film in an age when the digital distribution will inevitably amplify the possibilities of encountering others and other film perspectives.

INquieTUdo is thus idealized as a collective construct, starting with the festival team programming and planning the event, and moving on with the participation of filmmakers, experts, and audiences, all of which contribute to the synthesis of this cumulative and revisiting process.

As a post-colonial generation our perspective centers on language, and thus art, as potentiality for an enhanced sense of community. What has been and what can be the role of film in this process shall also be called into a debate, ideally enriched by a Viennese audience with the privileged position of an outside observer.

Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, East Timor, São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, and Cabo Verde are the countries to which we might add all kinds of unofficial and unlikely territories fertile with manifestations of fusion, of conflict and ultimately of re-imagining and reaffirming spaces and identities. In all of them, the universe of film-making has been developing heterogeneously, keeping in pace with socioeconomic circumstances and highly varied historical narratives.

Our aim is to select critically-acclaimed and prize-winning works from directors stemming from all corners of the Portuguese-speaking world, as well as to leave an open door for unreleased first works. Priority shall be given to films with reduced visibility in European festivals and little or none commercial distribution.

The festival program, consisting exclusively of feature-length works, is the result of a mixed system whereby films shall be submitted through an open call as well as actively curated by members of the festival team.

Guidelines for the film selection include criteria of artistic quality and vision, genre inclusion, and the exploration of the lusophone singularity through the diversity of the myriad cultures representing it.

Last but not least, artists living in and around Vienna are invited to collaborate in electro-acoustic concerts and performances with invited artists from the lusophone space. The guiding principles and the curatorial strategy for this program stands in line with the aforementioned film selection.