Audience Prize Documentary: I Love Kuduro

We are happy to announce that Mário Patrocínio’s documentary I Love Kuduro was voted the best documentary of Inquietudo Film Festival by our audience and will be screened once again today at 7PM at the closing of INquieTUdo!

Mário Patrocínio at Inquietudo

Born in Lisbon in 1978, the son of a doctor with a passion for photography and a courageous mother, Mário was only eight when he moved with his family to Japan. His first contact with the world of documentaries happened there, as the subject of a study, when the Japanese TV channel NHK decided to…


Sana na N’Hada zu Gast bei Inquietudo

Zu Gast im Inquietudo ist Sana na N’Hada für die Vorführung des Films Kadjike (2013), der am 27.05 um 21:30 im Top Kino (Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Wien) vorgeführt wird. Anschließend an dem Film gibt es ein Gespräch mit Sana na N’Hada über den Film. “Sana na N’Hada (geb. 1950 in Guinea-Bissau) zählt zu den Pionieren…